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Another unintentionally entertaining post I found on Yahoo:


How do I fill out a response card for a wedding invitation?

All it has on it is this: M_________________?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker (really asker?! this answer?)
Properly speaking, you don't. An old-fashioned sophisticated gentleman would simply throw out the offensive little commercialized form, and write a proper response. Poor bride, to have fallen for this stationery-industry scam to get her to buy more product -- product that in fact violates the expectations of good manners!

A proper response is written in your best script on a piece of good quality white note-paper, folded in half, and reads
" Mr Matthew H (who?)
" accepts with pleasure the kind invitation of
" Miss Bride (Miss who?)
" for Saturday the thirty-first of April at five o'clock" (there isn't even an April 31st...)

Then you put it in a matching envelope (what if I only like un-matching envelopes, huh?), address it to the return address on the invitation, put your own stamp on it, and mail it.

What a *Bride* should do, if she is "just trying to make it easy for people to rsvp", is refrain from insulting them by suggesting they don't own writing paper and by treating them like applicants filling out a government form, and give them a phone-number and email address as well as her return address so that they can choose the means of replying that is most convenient for them.


My response:

LOL. What century are we living in?! I think it would be easier to have an online invitation chart where people can RSVP and maybe even select seats (like for airplane tickets!)... alas, I prefer to to be practical. Don't get me wrong, I like formalities sometimes (for example, I like that in Asia, people show respect to those who are older than them by giving them a title)... but not when it defeats the purpose. I'm pretty sure the purpose of RSVP cards with prepaid envelopes is to increase the response rate. And for good reason - you can't expect many people in today's world to RSVP properly on their own even when everything is done for them... haha. How silly to expect people to bust out their quills and parchment and write out some elaborate letter (although that would be really cool, but that's the Harry Potter stan in me speaking). In reality, you can't even expect people to press a "reply" button anymore. I suppose that's the responders point... that the world has lost its manners. I guess I sort of have to agree, but I think being overly formal can be really annoying. I think it would be more respectful as a guest if you just did what the host asked you to do - fill out the RSVP card... rather than give a speech about what a gentleman in the 19th century would deem appropriate. Perhaps the ultimate lesson is, as always, be flexible, be moderate, be simple.


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