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A day in food (Pre-Thanksgiving edition)
Hey ya'll (or y'all or you all or you folks or like such as you people),

Happy pre-thanksgiving! I'm writing from a rural small town in "the heartland" as it is locally called. You know what that means: foood! I thought I would illustrate a typical day through food pictures.

Let's break the overnight fast with some breakfast:

Fried eggs, simple enough, but somehow they taste better during Thanksgiving break.

Next up, lunch. My phone camera doesn't quite do it justice, but it was delicious!

Chicken pulao, made with a slightly different recipe that utilizes a small amount of biryani masala. Served with beef tips, Italian baguette, raita and a sun-dried tomato & olive relish (see below).

This stuff is just plain tasty, and I don't even like tomatoes or olives.


Hershey's creme pie by Edwards. Mmm...

- More of the same for dinner -

Finally, bedtime snack.

French vanilla cappuccino, served with a cinnamon chip scone.

Best of luck to everyone in preparation for Thanksgiving!

Happy fooding,


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